Alert Activities

शासन के कुछ क्रियाकलाप सतर्क युवाओं द्वारा किए गए हैं

Alert Activities
"Path of awakening !

Along with this fix monthly Alert Activities - All different Group performs and action under group leader with following other activities.

  • Samuh Aarti
  • Shri sankshipt Siddhachakra Aaradhana
  • Shraman Shramani Bhagvanto ni Vaiyavach
  • Counting of Bhandar ( Dev dravya Raksha )
  • Jinalay Shuddhikaran
  • Upashray Shuddhikaran
  • Gnyan bhandar Arrangement
  • Jivday – Abhaydan, Panjrapole Management,
  • Sadharmik Bhakti
  • Tirth Raksha
  • Anukampadan
  • Medical help and other service to Hospital patients, Old age homes, Leprosy patients, mentally retarded children home, blind home
  • Relief and Rehabilitation work in Natural disasters / calamities
  • Youth Shibirs ( Every year for last 37 years )
  • Youth Empowerment Seminars, Carrier counselling, Employment, Minority guidance
  • Parva Paryushan Aaradhana, Oli Aaradhana
  • Management of Pratistha Mahotsav or Sanghs.
  • Prabhu bhakit / Sandhya bhakti / Snatra Pooja
  • Service work of Shri Sangh for shobha yatra or during other programmes / festivals.
  • Condolence meeting with families of Soldiers who lost lives for Nation.
  • Management of large scale anusthans of Jain Sangh.

Map of Alert Activities ( MAA )

Map of Alert Activities (MAA) is prescheduled set of activities (tasks) of Shri Sangh Seva, Jin Sashan Prabhavna, Humanity or National Service performed by thousands of Alerts on same day, same time across hundreds of groups in the country. Alert MAA has carved new MAP in life of Youths.

Alert Map has no boundaries and never ending roads that lead to Seva, Samarpan and Jain Sashan prabhavna. This map has not only changed lives of Jain youths but also touched and affected lives of lakhs of humans and animals around all of us.

MAA is Mother who is next to God for us; Alert MAA is a real ground work that that inspires us to contribute in all Seven Kshetra Tasks and set an inspiring way forward for our next generation.

Activities performed under MAA every year from 2019 are as below :

  • Jan
  • Feb
    Alert Band
  • Mar
    Distribution of food / Cloths to Poor (Anukampa )
  • Apr
    Gurudeve Gunanuvad
  • May
    Visit to Panjrapole
  • Jun
    Upashray Shuddhikaran
  • Jul
    Pu. Shraman and Shramani Bhagvantoni Vaiyavach bhakti
  • Aug
    Sutra / Elocution competition ( Paryushan Training Seminar )
  • Sep
    Fruits and Medicines distribution to patients in Hospital
  • Oct
    Alert Milan
  • Nov
    Blanket distribution
  • Dec
    Alert Youth Shibir Since 1982