Jain Alert Group Downloads

This section is intented to download the materials across all the groups. Please visit the page to find new things introduced from group.

Alert Song

Alert Ringtone

Prerna Patra January 2022

Prerna Patra November 2021

Prerna Patra October 2021

Prerna Patra September 2021

Prerna Patra August 2021

Prerna Patra July 2021

Prerna Patra June 2021

Prerna Patra May 2021

Prerna Patra April 2021

Prerna Patra March 2021

Arhad Prerna Patra February 2021

Prerna Patra December 2020

Prerna Patra November 2020

Prerna Patra October 2020

Prerna Patra September 2020

Prerna Patra February 2020

Payushan Parva Aradhna Form

Save birds Campaign Flex

As per our one of the MAA activity Plesae download the flex banner design for SAVE BIRD CAMPAIGN, from below link and change your group name to make it special for your group. The flex banner can be upto 6ft x 3 ft. or you can change the size according to your requirements.

Download flex design

Jain Alert Group of India Logo

Many of our groups are having various activities and you may need the Logo of our organization. Please download the Logo from the below link so that in each group we can have a great uniformity and our logo come as a Brand.

Download Logo