Alert initiatives

Jain Alert Group wants to strengthen foundation of our youth

Through initiatives focused on Education, Job, Business and Skill

DOST (Dedicated Overseas Support Team)

Jain Alert Group of India is introducing Alert DOST (Dedicated Overseas Support Team) Network across USA and Canada for immigrant Jain students and families to receive guidance and necessary support to establish themselves in the new country. Alert DOST is a network of volunteers settled in the USA and Canada and willing to assist based on their capacity and availability.


Alert Unique Identification (Alert UID)

Alert Unique identification is a digital identity for each member of Jain Alert Group of India. Alert UID will help each member to connect for any religious, personal, social or professional objective.

Alert UID strengthens bond among Alerts with mutual interest, age, location, education and business. Alert UID is an authentic digital identification; which enables members to enrol in Jain Alert Group of India’s Seminar, Event, Shibir or Anusthan without any paper work.

Alert UID can be obtained by becoming member of Alert Group of India online or through any branch of Alert Group.

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Jain Ambassador Yojana ( JAY )

Our Gurudev had a firm belief that youth on spiritual path can bring a real change to our society. Jain Alert Group of India is committed to create a cadre of Shravaks who can work to spread Jainism in true sense. Such a cadre of Leader would be known as Jain Ambassador, who will observe all principles of Jainism, travel across country and abroad to conduct YES 'Youth Empowerment Sessions', Pious Anusthans and spread the message of Truth and Non Violence across the world.

Gurudev personally train and empower our youth with knowledge to spread Jainism. Alert youth have been going for Parva Paryushan Aradhana in remote locations in India and Abroad where Shri Sangh doesn't get Nishra of pujay Sadhu or Sadhviji Maharajsaheb for more than 25 years.

"Spreading Jainism !"

Alert Religious Activity Management ( ARAM )

Celebration of large scale Pratistha mahotsav, Charipalit Sangh, Navpadji Oli, Yuva conclaves etc. are the part of Jinshasan Prabhavna which are conducted and managed by experienced Alert Youth. Prompt and precise implementation is what Alert Youth is known for such large scale anusthans in India and Abroad.

"Bhathu anubhavnu !"

Map of Alert Activities ( MAA )

Map of Alert Activities (MAA) is prescheduled set of activities (tasks) of Shri Sangh Seva, Jin Sashan Prabhavna, Humanity or National Service performed by thousands of Alerts on same day, same time across hundreds of groups in the country. Alert MAA has carved new path in the life of Youth.

Alert MAA has no boundaries and never ending roads that lead to Seva, Samarpan and Jain Sashan prabhavna. This has not only changed lives of Jain youth but also touched and affected lives of lakhs of humans and animals around all of us.

Alert MAA is a real ground work that inspires us to contribute in all Seven Kshetra Tasks and set an inspiring way forward for our next generation.

Some activities being performed under MAA are as below :

January Save Birds
February Jinalay Shuddhikaran
March Distribution of food / Cloths to Poor (Anukampadan )
April Gurudeve Gunanuvad
May Visit to Panjrapole
June Upashray Suddhikaran
July Pu. Shraman and Shramani Bhagvantoni Vaiyavach bhakti
Aug Sutra / Elocution competition ( Paryushan Training Seminar )
Sept Fruits and Medicines distribution to patients in Hospital
Oct Distribution of Sweets ( Spreading happiness )
Nov Blanket distribution
Dec Youth Shibir for last 37 years

"Path of awakening !"

Socio Economic Back up (Scholarship and Jain Minority Benefits)

Alert Group of India has experts who facilitate our youth to know various scholarships schemes available from State Government and benefits available under Government of India’s Religious Minority Scholarship schemes. Our team provides end to end guidance starting from filling forms, documents, do’s & don’ts till final online application for each type of scheme under Minority benefits.

Alert Minority Help desk provides guidance, technical support online and resolves problems of the students. A team of youth located across Gujarat to help students of small towns and villages. Thousands of students got direct and indirect benefit from Telangana, West Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Alert Minority help desk arranges seminars in Jain Sanghs, Hostels and youth organisations to spread awareness on the benefits available under Jain Minority and other Scholarship programs.

"Money won't stop education ! "

Alert Vyapar Organization ( AVO )

Alert Vayapar Organization (AVO) is an initiative to connect various Businesses for Economic Empowerment of Alerts. This will lead to create pool of customers and suppliers of respective domain. A strong Web based Portal and growth module will constantly add customers for members. A strong bridge between wholesalers, Retailers and Consumers for effective, qualitative and value pricing is designed to empower them through B2B and B2C modules.

Any Jain businessman one can connect through AVO Mobile application to grow and scale up his business. AVO helps youth to add customers, vendors, suppliers and various stake holders to run a great business. All that is possible through AVO App. One can now lead his business on finger tips.

"Helping business to grow !"

Alert Employment Exchange ( AEE )

Alert Employment Exchange is a thoughtful initiative of Jain Alert Group of India to strengthen foundation of Education, Employment and Economic freedom of our youth by providing them nationwide platform, nurture them and transform in Leaders of tomorrow.

AEE constantly strives to empower our youth intellectually, professionally, economically, socially and spiritually. Network more than 30,000 youth from 300 branches across India and Abroad have created Mass Movement of Youth Empowerment. 5 E are at the core of this initiative i.e. Educate, Enable, Engage, Employ and Empower.

Young team at Alert Employment Exchange works with youth from day one i.e. Education after 10th and 12th, CV preparation, Interview skills, personality development, interpersonal skills, behavioural skills, preparation of entrance examination, guidance for IITs & IIMs, Job search, social media marketing, sessions for high pay job opportunities in multinational companies, skill enhancement, enrolment on AEE portal, connecting them with prospective employer, organise interview and affect placement.

Alert Employment Exchange has created a database of Jain students and working professionals from various streams like Engineering, Business Administration, Finance, Commerce, Science, Electronics, Computer Application and also connected many National, Multinational, Regional corporate and SMEs to the large pool of Alert member's database for any vacancy.

"Opportunity for deserving personality!"

Youth Empowerment Seminars ( YES )

Youth empowerment seminar is unique way bringing youth on one platform. Sole objective is to identify and bring out talent from our youth by providing them strong nationwide platform. Our youth is dynamic, energetic, qualified and entrepreneurial; if provided with right opportunity, guidance and platform, they can bring revolutionary change.

Jain Alert Group of India has organised 8 Youth Empowerment Seminars at Valvod, Vaktapur, Vadodara, Surendranagar, Rajkot, Bhuj, Godhra and Dahod which has successfully connected young talent. More than 5000 youth from 300 towns have participated for carrier and growth.

  • Work for all-round development of Youth.
  • Strengthen them Intellectually, Professionally, Economically, Socially and spiritually.
  • Be with them at each important stage of Life i.e. Education, Enhancement, Employment, Empowerment and Enlightenment.
  • Provide them a nationwide platform
  • Nurture them and create leaders for next generation.

"YES..we can, we will ! "

Skill and Talent Empowerment Programme ( STEP )

STEP from Jain Alert Group of India is intended to develop skills and thereby startups in various fields. Listing of few businesses, knowhow and initial hand holding for our youth to become a successful entrepreneur which results in his Social upliftment and bright future. STEP initiative is focused for youth with less qualification, no capital and low resources; intended to work with them and facilitate them to be a on his own in Life.

"Plateform to prosper !"

Alert Smile Through Human Approach ( ASTHA )

ASTHA is about being smile on the face of ill, needy, poor, mentally challenged and disaster affected humans by Alert Youth. Jain Alert Group of India has thousands of youth regularly working to spread happiness for people in old age homes, orphanage, blind homes, Laprosy homes, mentally challenged children schools, government cancer, mental hospitals, labour colonies, widows institutions, handicapped girls schools, observation homes, deaf and dum homes, tiffin service for poor patients, Polio foundation etc. Team of Alert youth is always ready to reach out to serve people during Natural disasters..

"Being Smile on someone’s face !"

Alert Band

Alert Band is unique work being performed by Alert Youth for Jin Shasan Prabhavna . More than 100 youth have been trained to play various instruments through rigorous practice. Alert Band leads Prabhu Veer Rath Yatra, Pravesh Mahotsav of Pujay Sadhu Maharaj saheb and varghodo ( religious procession ) for our Jain Shri Sanghs.

"Jin Shasan Prabhavna by devoted youth ! "